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the adjustment using adjust tool in Fologram for Hololens can`t be updated in rhino



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    Hi Kaijie, 

    Fologram will synchonize geometry, materials and selections between your Rhino document and the HoloLens. When you make changes in your Rhino document you are modifying the geometry in Rhino and so this updates on the HoloLens. However, the tools in the Adjustment menu on the HoloLens are not actually changing your geometry - they are simply applying a transformation to your model (location, orientation and scale) in mixed reality and therefore you do not see these changes reflected in Rhino. This is because you almost always want to be modelling at 1:1 in your Rhino model, but may want to view this model at a different scale in mixed reality without changing the scale of your rhino model. 

    If you want to make changes to your model in mixed reality use the Fologram for Grasshopper components to use HoloLens gestures to manipulate parameters in your grasshopper model. There are tutorials explaining the logic in our Courses page: and example files in the Applications page:

    Which school / office are you working with? 

  • Fologram

    Hi Kaijie, 

    For licensing issues please submit a support ticket (using the link at the top of this page). 

    For connection and sharing troubleshooting there are several articles here: . Usually difficulties connecting Rhino and the HoloLens are due to the two devices being on different WiFi networks or subnets. 



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