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How to record video through hololens when using Fologram in Rhino


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  • Fologram

    Hi Joon, 

    Until Microsoft updates your HoloLens to the RS5 Service Release (sometime in the next few weeks hopefully), only one application can access the HoloLens camera at any one time. This means that when you are using Fologram's computer vision tools (to detect the connection QR code or to track markers) you cannot record video through the headset. 

    However, you can definitely record video at all other times as normal through device portal. 

    If you have an Android mobile phone you can download our Fologram for Android beta ( and use that to record a 3rd person video of the experience - most phone cameras are also of higher quality than the HoloLens. Note that you will need to ensure the holograms are in the same physical location for the phone and the hololens using the image target.




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